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Commutative Property of Equivalence

At a gymnastics meet, a gymnast scored an 8.95 on the vault and a 9.2 on the uneven bars. What two are equivalent expressions using the commutative property that could be used to find her total work?


Is 23+ (-23) and 0 equivalent? If so, name the property. If not, explain why.

Plz anyone who can help that would really be appreciated. :))


What property of an object is expressed by the measurement of an item's mass per unit volume?

i dont know what the property of an object is

what is the gcf and distributed property to express the sum as a product. 40+15.

I need help. This is not like kindergarten 1+5. I mean gcf and distributive property of 40+15. I don't get it... 



what is a  associative property (56-32)-15 what is the answer of this question          


what property is this?

(4 + x) + 3x = 3x + (4 + x)

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