Avery B.

asked • 08/10/21

Google collab programming python

Can anyone help me out with this?

Use Google Collab and create a collab notebook named "PythonActivity2"

For this assignment please use your lecture and the Google Collab tutorial to help you out.

Complete the following exercises (each within its own code block on the PythonActivity2 Notebook): 

1. Write a program that prints a message if a variable is less than or equal to 10, another message if the variable is greater than 10 but less than or equal to 25, and another message if the variable is greater than 25. 

2. Write a program using if and elif statements to verify an age and print out a message of your choice according to that age. You should have a variable called age. The ages you use are up to you but you must have 4 ages to check the age variable against using those statements. 

3. Write a program that prints a message if a variable is less than 10, and a different message if the variable is greater than or equal to 10. 

Make sure you include text blocks above each problem to explain what is being done. 

Leslie T.

Having learnt python programming and using it on both Google colab and jupyter notebook I think I am eligible for answering this question. Nothing is completely perfect everything has its pros and cons and it depends upon your personal preference. Google colab: good for working online with multiple members, also useful if your system is slow and you want to run heavy programs ( cause it processes on cloud). Jupiter notebook: it is a offline, on the system IDE for programming. Works really well and even have features to work with multiple people. It can use the files on your system also. In my opinion I would prefer jupyter notebook over Google colab. but if you value the performance that you are getting from Google colab or if your system is slow then you can choose Google colab. I would like to add that in my free time I like listening to music and playing slot machines. I am fond of not so long ago, during the time that I have already spent playing this for about a month I raised about 1000 dollars like this just playing and getting pleasure from it it very relaxes, especially after a working day, of course, not without losses, but nevertheless it brings income that I can spend for my own pleasure! If you want to find something new, I would suggest taking a look at this site https://imoneyslots.com/ They offer a large selection of slot machines, user-friendly interface and much more ... This is a website that I use all the time, and I can safely recommend it to anyone who wants to try their luck at slot machines.


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