Fizaa A.

asked • 10/02/20

Please help with this question!!!

Consider the set

LaTeX: \left\{2,4,6,8,10\right\}          .

Which of the following is the corresponding set builder notation for the above set?

a.) LaTeX: \left\{x\:\in\mathbb{Z} \,\, \vert \,\, x = 2k, \, k=1,2,...,5\right\}

b.) LaTeX: \left\{x\:\in\mathbb{R} \,\, \vert \,\,  0<x\leq10\right\}

c.)LaTeX: \left\{x\:\in\mathbb{Z} \,\, \vert \,\, x = 2k+1, \, k=1,2,...,5\right\}

d.)LaTeX: \left\{x\:\in\mathbb{Z} \,\, \vert \,\, x \,\text{is even}\, \, \text{and} \ \, 0<x<10\right\}

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