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Kimberly G.

asked • 08/26/12

need to know how to do this problem


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Julio L. answered • 11/23/19

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Michael T. answered • 09/30/19

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Matthew S. answered • 08/27/12

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Monchis M.

5. On Monday, Ryan jogged 1 ½ miles in ¼ hour. On Wednesday he jogged 2 1/3 miles in 1/3 hour. How much farther did Ryan jog on Wednesday than on Monday? Write your answer as a simplified fraction.


Stephen H.

2 and 1/3 = 7/3 miles ... 1 and 1/2 = 3/2 miles ... 7/3 = 14/6 ... 3/2 = 9/6 ... Ryan jogged 5/6 more miles on Wednesday


Daniel S.

A paper company needs to ship paper to a large printing business. The paper will be shipped in small boxes and large boxes. The volume of each small box is 7 cubic feet and the volume of each large box is 13 cubic feet. There were twice as many large boxes shipped as small boxes shipped and the total volume of all boxes was 165 cubic feet. Determine the number of small boxes shipped and the number of large boxes shipped.


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