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spimlify 4x-(2-3x)-5

Simplify i do not understand this and i need help

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4x-(2-3x)-5 can be written as 4x-1(2-3x)-5

Use the distributive property. NOTE: Distributive property helps to get rid of the parenthesis. a(b + c) = ab + ac

Multipy the negative 1 into what is inside the parenthesis. 4x-1(2-3x)-5

-1*2=-2 and -1*-3x=3x, so -1(2-3x)=-2+3x

so now it's simplified to --> 4x-2+3x-5

Now combine like terms, 4x+3x=7x and -2-5=-7, this simplifies to..--> 7x-7

7x-7 is the simplified way of writing 4x-(2-3x)-5

Hope you understood :)





We want to group the like terms, i.e. x with x and numbers with numbers

To do this we have to remove that bracket know in computer as a firewall.

Notice the sign before the bracket is (-). This is important to note

In removing the brackets the sign before the numbers or alphabet  in the bracket will change.

If you had  - sign  it will become a + sign

Here we go


4x - 2 + 3x - 5

Notice +2 became -2 and -3 became + 3 when the bracket (or fence) was removed.

Now group those that look alike together

You get    4x + 3x   and   -2 & -5

Result in    7x          and     -7

bring them closer and you get 7x-7

you could also go another step by looking at the 7x -7  where you see 7 as the common number

result in 7(x-1). This could also be your answer on a multiple choice test.  Good to know.


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Think about the order of operations:

1) Parantheses, 2) exponents, 3) Multiplication/Division, 4)Addition/Subtraction

And always make sure that you are combining like terms.

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Step 1.

Remove parenthesis and switch signs of terms within it.

4x-(2-3x)-5 = 4x-2+3x - 5

Step 2

Combine like terms

4x-2+3x-5 = 4x+3x -2-5


7x-7 is your answer

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I agree with the end result of both Geovanny and Paul. Although I think Geovanny's answer was written in a more complex matter than a novice can easily understand (the multiplication part).. i could be wrong :)

I'd go this way in fewer steps (maybe I'm over-simplifying):

4x-(2-3x)-5 --> drop parenthesis with proper signs --> 4x-2+3x-5 -->combine like terms -->7x-7 or 7(x-1)

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Super answer, Geovanny.  I would insert one small additional equivalent answer,which may be useful:  7x-7 can be factored into 7(x-1), which may be useful, depending on the application.