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What is the summery of this passage?

Hello and Thank You

by Tirzah Tyler

     Rosario opened the door to Miguel's car. She sat down in the passenger's seat and cheerfully said to her brother, "Hi! How was your day?"

     "Does your school sell Corn Nuts?" Miguel asked Rosario with an upward flick of his head.


     "You have a vending machine in your cafeteria, don't you?" Miguel asked while scratching his stubbly chin.

     Rosario sighed and fastened her seat belt. Then she said, "Hi, Rosario. How are you? I'm fine, thank you, hermano. How was your day? Oh, it was wonderful, hermanita. I'm so excited to see you."

     Miguel laughed. "You don't have to make fun of me. I'm just hungry."

     "You're always hungry!" Rosario exclaimed. "Why didn't you say hello?"

     "I'm sorry. Hello. Does your school sell Corn Nuts?"

     Rosario laughed. "I don't know. I never buy anything from the vending machine."

     Rosario did not like the way Miguel's car always smelled like his previous meals and snacks. However, Miguel was doing her a favor by picking her up from school. Ever since their mother's work schedule had changed, Miguel had given up spending time with his friends after school to pick Rosario up and take her home.

     Miguel turned off the ignition, unbuckled his seat belt, and gestured for Rosario to do the same. They both jogged to the school building, but they discovered that the cafeteria was closed. Miguel's hunger would have to wait.

     After they jogged back to the car, Miguel was unable to restart it. Then he exited the car and checked under its hood while Rosario groaned and gently smacked her head against the dashboard.

     After a few moments, Miguel's friend Felipe walked up to the car. The boys spoke to each other for a while, and then Miguel gestured for Rosario to get out of the car. "Let's go, hermanita. Felipe's going to give us a ride home."

     Felipe drove a refurbished postal truck.

     "Why couldn't he just jump-start your car?" Rosario asked with a whine.

     Instead of answering her, Miguel sniffed the air. "Felipe, do you have Corn Nuts in your truck?"

     "Sure, I went to the convenience store after school." While he was driving, Felipe picked up a bag of Corn Nuts that had been sitting in a plastic bag near his feet. Then he reached behind him and offered the snack to Miguel.

     Miguel accepted the bag, opened it, and ravenously began to eat. "Felipe's a good friend," Miguel said with his mouth full. Then he offered the bag to Rosario, who took a few pieces and began to eat.

     Miguel swallowed, smiled, and said to Rosario, "Hello, Miguel. How are you? I'm fine, thank you, hermanita. Thank you so much for picking me up from school today, hermano. You're a wonderful brother. Oh, you are so welcome. It was no trouble at all, and you are a magnificent sister."

     Rosario laughed and said, "Thank you."

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