Oriana C.

asked • 10/07/19

Scale Drawings 7th grade math

Hello there, i am asking for help on a math problem that i dont fully understand. I am not asking for the answer of course, but i am asking for help on finding out the formula to this and the steps as like my math teacher said: if you catch a hungry man a fish (fish means tell him the answer to a problem) you feed him for one day. But if you TEACH him how to fish, you feed him forever (so i can use this knowledge for further on problems like this.) Thank You if you might be able to help me, here is the problem i hope you can help! Juan's barn is 50 ft wide by 80 ft long. Make a scale drawing of the barn that has a scale of 1/2 inch = 10 feet.

I know there are equal ratios, maybe a proportion and algebraic equation but stuck on the scale drawing part. Anyways, Thank You so much!

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