John A.

asked • 01/09/15

English : Negative Questions

Can you give me examples of negative questions and explain them for me? 
Like 6 examples?
Thank you by the way!:)

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Donald S. answered • 01/09/15

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Elizabeth R. answered • 01/09/15

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John A.

Thank you very much!
How would I answer them in the correct way?
For example: Are you not going with us?
No = Meaning I'm not going with them?
Yes= I am going with them?
Is this Correct? 
P.S - Can you explain it all the way for me? Thank you!^^


Elizabeth R.

Ah! Yes, the answer can be confusing!  English is a confusing language, especially when you add negatives. 
One of the keys to reading English is to not overthink what you're seeing. It's so easy to get lost in the right way to do it that we forget what we already know!
Negative questions are a little weird. Say it out loud to yourself, picturing a way to put it into context and you'll have the answer. 
Your friends Mary and Bob are going to the beach. They thought you were going with them, but you don't have your towel and swimsuit in your hands when they see you. They say "Are you not going with us?" What do you say? 
More than likely, that question doesn't get a "yes" or "no." It will probably get one of those plus an explanation for clarification. "Yes, I'm coming with you."
Another way to understand a negative question -and what the answer should be- is to put it in contraction form. It's the way we're used to hearing negative questions.
It's Halloween. Mary and Bob tell you stories about this crazy haunted house they went to last year. It was really scary, with a chainsaw guy jumping out and everything. They want to go back tomorrow night. You are not really cool with chainsaws. You have a weird look on your face as they're working out times on when to go. Mary looks at you and says "Aren't you coming with us?" What is your answer?
Your answers are correct in meaning. You're getting it! If you have any more questions, you know where to reach me.


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