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Asked • 05/10/19

Effects of exercise on the brain?

I am well aware of the phenomenon of neurogenesis induced by exercise, as well as the dopamine release that results from exercise. I am really interested in neuropsychology and the effects of exercise on personality. What are some other biological processes that are stimulated by exercise, does it activate our parasympathetic nervous system? Is there any cool research out there for me to read? I am grateful for any input. Any information about exercise and its effects on human biology is appreciated. _UPDATE_ While this answer was appreciated, i'm interested in other biological processes... What happens to stress and anxiety? Do our adrenal glands stop secreting as much corticosteroids? What effect does exercise have on circadian rhythms? With exercise, can you circumvent the problem of not getting enough light in the winter? What effect does exercise have on memory? It should probably help, since it would lead to decreased damage to the hippocampus. How does exercise effect sleep, learning, memory, metabolic processes??? I'm searching for the comprehensive list of different primary and secondary effects of exercise from a biological standpoint. I'm really interested in what the short term and long term effects of exercise are on the brain.

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