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Writing about a small town built with rocks containing diamonds.

I shouldn't make my thing too long but here, i have no idea how to write a good piece / make my description of the place more natural and easy to visualize: Help me make my writing better 
Each corner, showcasing the finest towering structures, As the sun seeming eager to color the streets majestically and unravel the shimmering diamonds embedded.

This small yet elegant town created in a crater holding fragments of the asteroid enclosed in structures.It really upholds the name of the diamond clad town as the shimmering quality of the houses serve reminders of this town's origins.

The town's streets were quiet, creating a peaceful atmosphere as the majestic townhouses and old defensive wall that encircles Nordlingen protects me from the biting breezes. The architecture of simplistic stone and wood comparable to medieval styled structures spark visual comfort and luxury as if it felt like home.

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A couple tip: 
Keep the words in the same tense. For example, either pick each word to be in the past (“were”), or the present (“protects”). 
In each highly descriptive sentence you have, consider changing the order of some of the words to get the most clarity from them. 
Shorter and longer sentences work well together to produce a tempo. Read outloud to yourself what you have written. If you stumble, consider changing that sentence or word order.