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Hi, i am writing an extended essay and i am hoping if someone can help me check my thesis statement i have right now. Thx

My title is : English is a 'mongrel' language
Thesis statement: The English language that everyone speaks today was once developed in three stages, old English, middle English and modern English. Within these three stages, all races of people joined on creating different parts of English grammer, mainly by the Indo-Europeans.


What do you mean by "mongrel?" How does it relate to a language?

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Technically, not EVERYONE speaks English today (so I suggest just saying Today's English was developed in three major stages).
In second sentence, replace ALL races by MANY races; replace joined ON by joined IN; spell grammar correctly;delete the part 'mainly by the Indo-Europeans and make it a separate sentence.
I agree with Mark M about 'mongrel'--you'd better research this to see if it's sufficiently high class, and accurate, to be in the title of a thesis.
And PLEASE remember to spell check! You must avoid egregious mistakes.


English is a composite language.
The English language as it is spoken today was developed in three major stages: Old English, Middle English, and Modern English.  Within these three stages many cultures joined in creating different parts of English grammar.