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i need help with my math

divide, then simplify: 5/6 divided into 4

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I could read the problem differently.

5/6 divided into 4 (This is ambiguous.  Divided into 4 parts would be Ariel's answer.)

It could also mean 4 divided by 5/6 which would be the inverse.

4 * 6/5 = 24/5

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Whenever dividing fractions, I have always been taught to flip both the process of what you are doing and the second fraction itself. 4 is represented by 4/1 in reality so instead of having (5/6) divided by (4/1) your new equation would be (5/6) multiplied by (1/4). Once you have the multiplication set up, it would be across from each other and then you can just multiply across. This will give you 5/24. 

(5/6) * (1/4) = 5 across on top

(5/6) * (1/4) =24 across on bottom

answer: (5/24)