Molly T.

asked • 10/10/12

if we know a quotient and a remainder, how do we find the divisor and divided numbers?

quotient 22, remainder 12

divisor is greater than remainder, right?

is there a formula??

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Robert C. answered • 10/10/12

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Molly T.

the graphing part confuses me. does every number in that region really work? i don't know how to graph x=22y+12



Robert C.

Hi Molly. Every number in the region does not work.  The rational numbers on the line X = 22 Y + 12, which are in the boundary region X > 12, Y > 12, X > Y work. For example, 298/13 = 22,r12. X=298, y= 13 works. 


254, 11 are on the line, but don't work because the divisor 11 is smaller than the remainder. 

These examples are integers, but rationals should work too.



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