What media is used in microbial study of water?

optionsa) Lactose fermentation brothb) fluid thioglycolate mediumc) Nutrient brothd) none of above


Why are not all microbes harmful?


Why is heat necessary in gram staining?


What is medical microbiology?

Can a fungus become resistant to a chemical such as Potassium Permanganate?

A friend used potassium permanganate solution to treat tinea on the hands/feet but after some initial success, the tinea seems to be making a comeback. Could the fungus develop resistance to... more


help with microbiology

3. Is Saccharomyces cerevisiae Gram-positive or Gram-negative? Research and describe the composition of yeast cell walls. How does the composition compare to the cell walls of Gram-positive or... more

If a human takes antibiotics are all bacteria in the body killed?

From my basic understanding, antibiotics kill living things, bacteria for example.Do the antibiotics consumed by a human-being distinguish between what they kill? Or do they just kill every... more

What is the effect of non-vaccinated people on vaccinated people?

Many times have I heard that anti-vaccine people are dangerous even to the vaccinated population. Is that true? If so, how can it be? People say that germs will attack them, and soon they would... more

For how long would a flu-contaminated parcel be an effective disease vector?

A parcel has been delivered and **contaminated** by a person who has the flu. For how long would the parcel be an effective disease vector?


What is a streak stab technique and how is it used?


Why is saline used in microbiology?

What is the purpose of requiring two separate binding systems for the antibody response?

I've read that in most cases, B-cell activation requires helper T-cells. This requires antigen binding by both antibodies and T-cell receptors, using two different antigen-binding proteins,... more

Who is the father of microbiolgy?

Is there an equivalent to "Fields Virology" for Bacteria?

I've gotten a staggering amount of use out of my copy of Fields Virology as a general reference for "getting me up to speed" on whatever pathogen I'm currently looking at. I don't know of a similar... more


Chemical Oxidization Question

Given the following equation, identify the chemical being oxidized, the chemical being reduced, the oxidizing agent, and the reducing agent.Na(s) + Ag^+(aq) --> Na^+(aq) + Ag(s)I need help, so I... more


What are the products of glycolysis


What is the primary component of the cell membrane?

Which macromolecule is the primary component of cell membranes?a. Lipidsb. Nucleic acidsc. Carbohydrates d. Proteins I know it’s either a or d but I’ve read many different cites, all saying... more

Which statement BEST explains the results of this investigation?

Students were investigating the effect of antibiotics on bacteria. The students exposed a colony of bacteria to an antibiotic and 10% of the bacteria survived. Over time, the surviving bacteria... more


What is the biological term for an old cell...

Where do I find info on this?


Why should we include vitamind in our diet?


If you transfer a large inoculum to the Simmons citrate agar slant, this may result in a false positive because:

a.Bacteria cannot utilize citrate may still grow on the slantb.The citrate slant might be too liquidc.Bacteria utilize citrate may still grow on the slantd.None of the above

What feature will you use to identify hyaline cartilage?

a. Densely packed parallel collagen fibersb. Predominantly freely branching elastic fibersc. Scattered cells and fibers in gel-like ground substanced. Glassy-appearing matrix; cells hosted in lacunae

Phylogenetic Tree

How would the following bacteria be placed in a phylogenetic tree? Desulfurococcus, Geogemma, Borrelia, Acidimicrobium, Deinococcus    

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