Asked • 03/14/19

Who is the father of microbiolgy?

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Cynthia H. answered • 03/14/19

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Jesse E.

I disagree with this answer. Louis Pasteur is responsible for debunking spontaneous generation and establishing the principles of fermentation and vaccines. Leeuwenhoek's only accomplishment was that he was the first person to examine single cell organisms under a microscope.


Cynthia H.

Most microbiology textbooks reference van Leeuwenhoek as the "father of microbiology." Some textbooks also acknowledge the significant contributions of Louis Pasteur as the father of various fields to include microbiology, immunology, germ theory, and modern medicine. But usually when this question is asked in homework assignments or by teachers, the answer is van Leeuwenhoek. I do think that Pasteur should also be accepted as a correct answer.


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