What are the two major mechanisms through which cell signaling leads to a change in cell behavior?

What are the two major mechanisms through which cell signaling leads to a change in cell behavior?


Will the Tasmanian devil species be more susceptible to the new diseases after 1996's DFTD outbreak there?

How the huge reduction of the Tasmanian devil population since 1996 affects the susceptibility of the current population to new diseases in comparison with the susceptibility of the population... more

i need help please

do you think that organisms/species will become more different from each other over time? Or more similar? Explain your reasoning. 

Difference between protozoa, protists, protoctista?

Are protozoa, protists, protoctista different classes of organisms or simply different names for the same?

Why doesn't surgical steel cause inflammation?

It seems some very specific alloys like implant surgical steel and titanium don't cause inflammation in the human body, but when I asked my doctor about it, they simply said "it just has some... more

What are the different ways an exon gets spliced?

Exons are produced by more than one mechanism, e.g. splicing out introns after transcription, if I remember correctly. Please list all mechanisms.

Is there a database of cell images?

We're working on an algorithm for processing images of cells, similar to but much more basic than [Cell Profiler](http://www.cellprofiler.org/), and we are looking for a large database of cell... more

How to convince suspension cells to adhere more tightly?

I'm developing a cell-based assay in 96-well plates that requires adherent cells, as they need to be washed at least twice during the protocol. I'm using in-house strains of... more

Significance of basal lamina for outer layers of epithelium?

In stratified (not pseudostratified) epithelia such as the epidermis, what purpose does the basal lamina serve for the outer layer cells which do not even stand in contact with it?Also, how do... more

Can/Have cancer cells be/been used in stem cell culture lines?

Since Cancer cells have unlimited growth potential, can they be induced towards totipotency and pluripotency? If so, can cancer cells be used in stem cell culture because of similar properties of... more

Why do Humans not produce Vitamin C like other mammals?

Why do most mammals produce their own Vitamin C? Why do Humans not?

Do plants have cellulases?

I can't seem to find the answer to this. Not even Wikipedia could help- it mentioned bacteria and fungi that have cellulases but not plants. Using my own reasoning, I would think that - On the one... more

Why are proteins always made in N to C direction?​?

Why are proteins always synthesized from the *N*-terminus to the *C*-terminus? Can there be any “reverse” peptide-bond formation to synthesize proteins in the *C*-terminal to the *N*-terminal... more

Role of calcium chloride during competent cell preparation?

I am aware of the fact that $CaCl_2$ settles down on the cell wall making it less negative may be by forming bond with Teichoic acid. Also due to the positive charge it attracts DNA (DNA is... more

Why do people have antibodies against other blood types?

The ABO blood type divides each blood type according to whether they have the "A" and "B" antigen(s) (AB has both, O has none). People also have antibodies against the antigens they don't have (AB... more

Cytokine responsiveness?

Why is it that cytokine responsiveness is less in progenitor cells than their ancestors(stem cells)? What will be the benefit of such reduction in responsiveness?

Where do all the NAD+s come from?

In the mitochondrial respiration (of plant cells) NADH is reduced from Nad+ as part of the TCA (converting malate to oxaleoacetate). But where do the NAD+s come from? The TCA cycle is working even... more

How much time does it take for the naive T Cell to get activated?

Suppose a naive T cell comes in contact with an APC. How much time does it take for the T Cell to get activated and within how much time does the T cell move away from the APC due to... more

Why do Kupffer cells not attack malarial sporozoites?

During malaria, why don't Kupffer cells (hepatic macrophages) attack the _Plasmodium_ sporozoites and stop schizogony, thus saving us from the disease?

Why are some genes dominant over others? What is the mechanism behind it?

If I have a brown eye gene which encodes the protein that is responsible for the brown color and have a blue eye gene as well, what is the reason that my eye color is brown? How does one gene... more

Can scientists create totally synthetic life?

This particular question has been of a great deal of interest to me, especially since it dives at the heart of abiogenesis.

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