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Significance of basal lamina for outer layers of epithelium?

In stratified (not pseudostratified) epithelia such as the epidermis, what purpose does the basal lamina serve for the outer layer cells which do not even stand in contact with it?Also, how do... more


Tissue identification in vascular bundle sections?

I always have trouble differentiating the tissues in a vascular bundle. I specially cannot properly identify the vascular cambium and phloem. I know xylem vessel elements are large cells with... more


Why are there no Nissl bodies in the axon?

What could be the significance of not having Nissl bodies (endoplasmic reticulum) in the axon hillock (a part of the cyton) and axon? Does it have something to do with the processing of action... more
Histology Biology


Which of the following are general features of all connective tissues?( there can be more than 1 answer)

a. Epithelial cells b. Specialized cells c. Ground substance and Protein fiber in extracellular matrix d. Lacunae e. Striations f. inter-calculated disc


How much 70% alcohol can be prepared with 250ml of 100% alcohol

What's the calculation and answer

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