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Explain what makes the underlined sentences transitional

Sentences English Grammar


Birds build nests in trees.

Divide in subject and predicate sentence


Venire a prenderti vs. "venirti a prendere"?

L'altro giorno, parlando con la mia ragazza, mi sono imbattuto in una frase che sembra pronunciabile in due diversi modi (probabilmente uno dei due è errato a livello formale): - Vorrei venire a... more


Does the verb "scendere" need "avere" or "essere"?

I read a book (*Io non ho paura*, Niccolò Ammaniti) and I read a strange thing:> Gli occhi mi sono riempiti di lacrime, ho aperto la porta e ho sceso le scale.Why? Shouldn't it be "Sono... more
Sentences Italian Usage


If the subject of a sentence is normally left implicit, what does adding it to a sentence mean?

In Italian, the subject of a sentence is normally implicit.> Ho incontrato Luigi e mi ha detto di salutarti.> Siamo andati a Roma per il weekend.> Sono andate via senza dire niente; non so... more


Additional meanings of 'se'?

The sentence "*Scusa se non mi sono fatta più sentire*" means, as I understand it: "*Sorry if I didn't get in touch with you anymore*". Or is there a better translation? Anyway, what seems strange... more
Sentences Italian Verbs Meaning


What is the meaning of "sappiatemi" in the sentence "Ora leggete e sappiatemi poi dire se la cosa vi sembri possibile"?

The author Piero Bargellini wrote in 1943 the article: "Chi è Pinocchio?"In the last line he wrote:> Ora leggete e **sappiatemi** poi dire se la cosa vi sembri possibile.I know that... more


what is sentances ?

the sentences is the basic stucture of dailoges.
Sentences Englsh Sentence


indicate the part of sentence in this question........

indicate the part of sentence in this question........she gave Mary some oranges.


There is a sales tax of $5 on an item that costs $51 before tax. A second item costs $173.40 before tax. What is the sales tax on the second item?

I don't know how to solve this sentence problem... I need help with this problem
Sentences English Writing Editing


Is this sentence written correctly?

I'm writing an essay and having issues. My writing tends to sound awkward. This was my first draft of the sentence: "His father worries Henry has a death wish and asks the narrator, who seems to... more
Sentences English Writing Editing


Could someone assist me in revising this sentence?

English is not my forte.  I was told this sentence sounds awkward: "His father worries Henry has a death wish and asks the narrator, who seems to be his son’s old friend, for advice, but Henry... more


Which sentence uses punctuation correctly?

A.You can mow the lawn and Lisa can rake. B.You can mow the lawn, Lisa can rake. C.You can mow the lawn, and Lisa can rake. D.You can mow the lawn Lisa can rake.
Sentences Grammar


The ancient Olympic Games were held in honor of zeus. fix the sentence with a Cap of one of the words that is not cap

gum it is with caps it is with a sentence and that is all

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