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Trigonometric Functions Trigonometry Function


Find the exact value of the trig function below.

  cos(x+y) if sinx=12/13, cosx=5/13, siny=8/17, and cosy=15/17
Trigonometric Functions


find the value

Trigonometric Functions


What does tan(90degrees-x) equal to

I do not understand what tan(90degrees-x) is equal too. I understand how cos(90degrees-x is equal too sin x but I do know know what tan(90degrees-x) is equal to
Trigonometric Functions Bearings


Which formula am I supposed to use to find the distance from each station to the fire?

Two fire lookout stations are 10 miles apart, with station B directly east of station A. Both stations spot a fire. The bearing of the fire from station A is N25°E and the bearing of the fire from... more
Trigonometric Functions



Need help 
Trigonometric Functions Trigonometry Trig


Simple Trig, got lost and need help.

Solve the given equation over the interval [0,2): 2sinx+ (sqrt 3) sin^2x=-(sqrt 3) cos^2x A. x=0, and x=(pi/2), and x=(3 pi/2), and x=2(pi)x=(3 pi/2), and x=(7 pi/2) b. x=(4 pi/3) and x=(5... more
Trigonometric Functions Trigonometry Trig


Need help with simple Trig!

Provide an exact evaluation of the expression: tan (-285°).
Trigonometric Functions Trigonometry Math Help


Need Urgent Trig Help!!

Find the value for sin (θ) if the following conditions hold: cos(2(theta)) = 3/5 and 90(degrees) < (theta) < 180(degrees) A. (1/25) B. (sqrt5/25) C. (2 sqrt5/5) D. (sqrt5/5)
Trigonometric Functions


Rewrite Expression 14.

Rewrite the expression in terms of sines and cosines only and then simplify the resulting expression.   cot x + tan x + csc x sec x
Trigonometric Functions


Trigonometric Function 13.

Find the solutions of the equation: sin(2x)=1/2 in the interval [0,2pi).   Show details in answer please.
Trigonometric Functions


Algebraic Expression

Write an algebraic expression for y=tan (cos^-1 x/3) for 0<x<3.
Trigonometric Functions


Simplifying Trig Functions Using Substitution

Simplify y=x/sqrt of (7-x^2) using substitution x= sqrt of 7 cos theta for 0<theta<pie/2. Please Help!!
Trigonometric Functions


Algebraic Expressions

write an algebraic expression for y-tan (cos^-1 x/3) for 0<x<3.
Trigonometric Functions


Simplifying the following expression to a single trigonometric function

Could someone help walk me through how to simply this expression to a single trigonometric function?     (1+(sin2x/cos2x))/sec x
Trigonometric Functions Trigonometry Trigonometric Formulas


Trig question

My math is online and the helper says that sin∅= y/r= (5√74)/74 = 144.5° . how do u convert that fraction into degrees.  I did try the inverse of ∅=sin-1(y/r) , but for my example that only comes... more
Trigonometric Functions


If sin of theta is about -0.7660, which of the following represents an approximate value of tan of theta for 180°<theta < 270°

O.7660 0.8392 1.1916 1.4198
Trigonometric Functions Trigonometry Homework Tips


Find all values of theta in the interval [0°,360°) that have the given function value.

tan theta = √3/3  
Trigonometric Functions


trigonometric expressions simplifying

cos(x) / 1+ sin(x)  + 1+sin(x) / cos(x)   How do I express this as a number divided by a trigonometric function?   WHat i attempted was to combine the fractions and I... more
Trigonometric Functions


The displacement of a harp string

The displacement, x, in millimeters, of a harp string, t, seconds after it is initially plucked is modeled by the function, x(t)=12sin(20πt)   a) what are the amplitude and period of this... more
Trigonometric Functions


trigonometry question

Express u^10cos(x)+1w3sin(x) in the form Ccos(x−?).   C= ?=
Trigonometric Functions Sat Math Sales Tax



A value added to a variation that is proportional, is known as a/an _______. A. extra B. addend C. constant D. subtend
Trigonometric Functions Sat Math Linear Equations



In the equation y = kx, k represents the ____________________. A. constant of change B. variability quotient C. scalar D. constant of variation
Trigonometric Functions Trigonometry Word Problem


Sinusoidal function

Two Ferris wheels are rotating side by side at the Math Fair. The first Ferris wheel has a radius of 7m and makes one complete revolution every 16s. The bottom of the wheel is 1.5m above the... more
Trigonometric Functions Trigonometry Word Problem


Sinusoidal function

The propeller of a boat at dock in the ocean will rise and fall with the waves. On a particularly wavy night, the propeller leaves its resting position and reaches a height of 2m on the peaks of... more
Trigonometric Functions Calculus Trigonometry


function and trig

The function g: x ----> a + bsinx where a=4 and b=2 is defined for the domain pi/2 ≤ x ≤ k.   Find the largest value of k for which g(x) has an inverse.
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