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In a survey of 350 random people ​, 230 had at least one tattoo, 210 had at least one piercing​, and 175 had both tattoos and piercings.

how many only had tattoos how many only had piercings  how many did not have piercings or tattoos  


Number of seats in each row

A rectangular auditorium seats 2244 people. The number of seats in each row exceeds the number of rows by 7. Find the number of seats in each row. 


Amount x Rate (%) = Quantity

A dairy needs 232 gallons of milk containing 6% butterfat. How many gallons each of milk containing 7% butterfat and milk containing 3% butterfat must be used to obtain the desired 232 gallons?


Name the quantity that is constant. Which quantity depends on the other?

Carolee makes quilts to sell at an arts and crafts fair. She charges $75 per quilt


what is the percent concentration of the resulting mixture? Round to the nearest tenth of a percent.

A student mixed 50ml of a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with 30 ml of a 12% hydrogen peroxide solution. Find the percent concentration of the resulting mixture. Round to the nearest tenth of a... more
Quantity Translate


the sum of two times the quantity three minus 6 and 8

translate evaluate

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