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Algebraic expression question

Translate the following verbal statement into an algebraic expression.Use x for your variable.The product of three less than a number and six less than the number.
Algebraic Expression Algebra 2


What is five less than a number divided by three

Algebraic Expression


5 less than the sum of 4 times a number and 7.

Algebraic Expression


The quotient of three times a number and 10

Algebraic Expression


13 more than twice a number

Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression.
Algebraic Expression Math Algebra 1 Algebra


Write an algebraic expression on the cost of concert tickets. Help Please!

Yon buys tickets to a concert for himself and a friend. There is a tax of 6% on the price of the tickets and an additional booking fee of $20 for the transaction. Write an algebraic expression to... more
Algebraic Expression Algebra 1


How do you write an algebraic expression for: the product of 8 and three less than x

Algebraic Expression Algebra 1


56 less than twice a number

Translate into algebraic expression
Algebraic Expression Algebra 1


52 decreased by twice a number in algebric expression

Algebraic Expression Algebra 1


Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression 22 more than twice Vanessa's scor

Algebraic Expression Algebra 1


Writing and Evaluating Expressions.

Several people from groups with 8 people in each group. Write an expression for the number of each groups by p people. How many groups are formed if there are 96 people?
Algebraic Expression Algebra 1


four more than the product of 17 and a number

Algebraic Expression


4 times a number cubed decreased by 7

Algebraic Expression


the perimeter of a square, which is the product of 4 and the length of its side, s?

Algebraic Expression


The surface area of a sphere with radius r is four times the product of pie and the square of the radius?

Identify the terms, coefficients, and constants. Determine if the expression is quadratic. Why or why not.
Algebraic Expression


the product of 9 and x, decreased by the sum of 8 and the square of x?

Identify the terms coefficients, and constants. Determine if the expression is quadratic and if so explain.
Algebraic Expression


half the sum of 12 and x^2 decreased by one- third x?

Algebraic Expression


Algebraic Expresssion

I need help QUICKKKK! A company charges $46 for Cable TV installation and $21 per month for basic cable service. Write an algebraic expression to represent the total cost of m months of basic cable... more
Algebraic Expression


Five less than the product of 10 and Gail’s age

Use the variable g to represent Gail’s age
Algebraic Expression


write an algebraic expression for five more than the product of three and a number squared

Algebraic Expression


38 is 9 less than double a number

I, need help with this problem. Translate the statement onto an equation. Let x be the number. What is the equation? 
Algebraic Expression


Cayden is 4.3 inches taller than she was last year.How tall is cayden now?

Cayden is 4.3 inches taller now than she was last year. How tall is cayden now?  
Algebraic Expression


What is the algebraic expression for half a number less than six

Is it (6-n)/2or 6-n/2? Would it be different if it was half of a number less than 6?
Algebraic Expression


10 more than a number is greater than 50

Write this verbal expression as an algebraic expression 
Algebraic Expression


what is algebraic expression of the sum of x and y

what is algebraic expression of the sum of x and y

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