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grep regex to ignore comment at end of line?

I'm trying to grep through a lot of old PowerBASIC source files in search of a variable, but I'm having trouble getting `grep` to avoid matching references to the variable in the end-of-line... more


How a RegEx engine works?

In learning Regular Expressions it had me wondering how the underlying engine works. Probably more specifically, I'd like to know more about how it evalutates, prioritizies and parses the... more
Regex Ruby


Match all occurrences of a regex?

Is there a quick way to find every match of a regular expression in Ruby? I've looked through the Regex object in the Ruby STL and searched on Google to no avail.

Regex defined outside of for loop not working?

Long time user, first time asker; very new to regular expressions. I'm a designer trying to make my life in InDesign easier, so please be patient if this is an easy one :) I'm working on a script... more
Regex Sql Sas


Finding strings that differ with at most one letter from a given string in SAS with PROC SQL?

First some context. I am using proc sql in SAS, and need to fetch all the entries in a data set (with a couple of million entries) that have variable "Name" equal to (let's say) "Massachusetts". Of... more

Tool for building .NET regular expressions?

I use regular expressions in .NET a lot, and I would like to have a tool that makes it easier to build long and complicated regular expressions. I'm using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. What tool... more

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