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Explaining computational complexity theory?

Assuming some background in mathematics, how would you give a general overview of computational complexity theory to the naive? I am looking for an explanation of the P = NP question. What is P? ... more
Complexity Theory Computer Programming Theory Big O


Are there any O(1/n) algorithms?

Are there any O(1/n) algorithms?Or anything else which is less than O(1)?
Complexity Theory Computer Programming Theory


Did you apply computational complexity theory in real life?

I'm taking a course in computational complexity and have so far had an impression that it won't be of much help to a developer. I might be wrong but if you have gone down this path before, could... more
Complexity Theory Sql Logic Reduction


General rules for simplifying SQL statements?

I'm looking for some "inference rules" (similar to set operation rules or logic rules) which I can use to reduce a SQL query in complexity or size. Does there exist something like that? Any... more


What's "P=NP?", and why is it such a famous question?

The question of whether P=NP is perhaps the most famous in all of Computer Science. What does it mean? And why is it so interesting?

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