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What will be the fastest way to call all the members

A table stores the data for all the members of an exotic resort. Members are identified by these numbers 1,5,30,70,80,20,15,100,40,25,7,3,8,33,22. All members are to be invited in a meeting to... more
Data Structures Computer Programming


C++ Programming

Write a C++ code to Keep count of how many times each IP appears in the last 90minutes of the access log using the C data structure.
Data Structures Computer Science


Write an algorithm

Write an algorithm for converting sorted array to Binary Search Tree(BST).
Data Structures Computer Science


Write an algorithm

Write an algorithm for converting BST to circular doubly linked list with space complexity O(1).
Data Structures Computer Science Array Stacks


Write an algorithm to implement two stacks in one array.

Write an algorithm to implement two stacks in one array A[1...n] in such a way that neitherstack overflows unless the total number of elements in both stacks together is n. The PUSHand POP... more
Data Structures Computer Science


Write the procedure to represent the sparse matrix using the linked list.

Write the procedure to represent the sparse matrix using the linked list(The algorithm)

Time efficient algorithm.

Write a time efficient algorithm to find the ith maximum and ith minimum number from thereverse sorted array.

Find the total number of comparisons:

Find out total number of comparisons made in the execution of the loop for any n > 0 in termof CEILING or FLOOR function.int j, n;j = 1;while (j <n) j = j*2;I'm not able to understand... more


Computer Science - Graphs

I've been given an adjacency matrix and asked to state whether the corresponding graph is undirected or not.How do we say whether a graph is undirected or not simply looking at its adjacency matrix.
Data Structures Sql Python Algorithms


Looking for a tutor! I am self-taught in Node, Express, Python and SQL

Hey there!My name is James, and I started teaching myself html and css about 5 years ago, then jumped into javascript.I am hoping to change direction and focus on python and sql, more along the... more


Selection Sort - Java

Write a Java program to implement the selection sort algorithm in Java, input the following array and display the sorted on the screen. Write a function selectionsort(Arr,N), which sort the array... more


LinkedList Java

Imagine we have to create a Linked list with 5,8 as elements and at first before adding them head should pointed to null. And since 8 is the last element, next of 8 also should point to a null.How... more


AVL Trees - Java Data Structures & Algorithms

Can someone help with this AVL tree deletion?Delete 7,5,9 from the following AVL tree?AVL tree represented as an array(note that null denotes nodes with no values)9, 5, 12, 3, 6, 11, 14, 2, 4,... more


Text editor theory?

As I'm always dissatisfied with existing editors, a project I always wanted to start is my own text editor. However doing text editing is serious business.Besides analyzing the source code of... more
Data Structures Php Array Storage


PHP: when to use arrays, and when to use objects for mostly-data-storing code constructs?

PHP is a mixed paradigm language, allowing to use and return non-object data types, such as arrays. I pose a question to try to clarify some guidelines for selection of arrays vs objects when... more


Anyone know anything about OLAP Internals?

I know a bit about database internals. I've actually implemented a small, simple relational database engine before, using ISAM structures on disk and BTree indexes and all that sort of thing. It... more
Data Structures C++ C Logic


Can we implement a doubly-linked list using a single pointer?

I want to use a structure like: struct node { char[10] tag; struct node *next; }; I want to use the above structure to create a doubly-linked list. Is that possible and if yes, then how I can... more
Data Structures Python List Sorting


How do I sort a list of dictionaries by a value of the dictionary?

I have a list of dictionaries and want each item to be sorted by a specific property values.Take into consideration the array below, [{'name':'Homer', 'age':39}, {'name':'Bart', 'age':10}]When... more
Data Structures Python List Extend


Difference between append vs. extend list methods in Python?

What's the difference between the list methods `append()` and `extend()`?
Data Structures Visual Basic Basic


Assigning CSV values to structure?

I'm creating what should be a simple program but I'm having some difficulty assigning values from a file into a structure and it's variables. Visual Basic. Structure: Public Structure Teams ... more
Data Structures Logic Algorithm Arrays


Distinguishing extra element from two arrays?

One of my friend was asked this question in an interview - - You have given two integer arrays each of size 10. - Both contains 9 equal elements (say 1 to 9) - Only one element is... more
Data Structures Sas Boolean


How to use Boolean datatype in SAS?

In many mainstream programming languages you can use Boolean data-type (for instance, value can be either `true` or `false`) - to represent binary "true/false". Is there a Boolean data-type in SAS... more
Data Structures


why only advanced users can make changes to data structures

only advanced users can make changes to data structures is the disadvantage of data structures. please provide the reason for that

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