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Determine the volume of the sphere.

A sphere just fits inside a cube with edges 18cm longa) determine the volume of the sphereb) determine the volume of the cubec) how much empty space is inside the cube unoccupied by the sphere?I... more

Anyone know anything about OLAP Internals?

I know a bit about database internals. I've actually implemented a small, simple relational database engine before, using ISAM structures on disk and BTree indexes and all that sort of thing. It... more
Cubes Geometry


how many 1/2 in cubes can fit in 24.375 in?


Marbles with radius 1.5 cm are placed into a cubic box of side length 12 cm. How many can fit and how much empty space is left?

i'm not sure how to do this question. pls help!


two cubes have volumes of 64 cubic feet and 216 cubic feet. what is the ratio of the surface area of the smaller cube to the surface area of the larger cube?

apparently i have to add details so um usually when i do ratio i do it in a fraction small/big instead of the standard small:big just because im lazy and my teachers fine with it lmao but if u... more


How much material do you need to make a cube with an edge of 4in


Volume and surface area And cubes

Cube A has a surface area of 150 cm2 Cube B has sides half the length of Cube A    What at is the volume of Cube B?


The sum of two numbers is 8. The sum of the cubes of the same numbers is 20. What are the two numbers and what is their sum when they are squared?

The numbers don't have to be whole numbers, and I'm pretty sure they can be negative as well


help needed

How many 2cm³ cubes could fit into a box with length 8cm, width 4cm and height 10cm?  A.160 b.126 c.40  i get 160, but that's not the answer.  


A cube painted yellow on all its faces then it is cut into 27 smaller cubes of identical size.how many are painted?

A cube painted yellow on all its faces then it is cut into 27 smaller cubes of identical size..How many small cubes are small cubes are painted on one face only?How many cubes are not painted on... more
Cubes Pattern Figure


The figures below show solid figures formed with 1-cm cubes. (a) How many 1-cm cubes are needed to build Figure 5? (b) Which figure is made up of 204 cubes?

Figure: http://imgur.com/L7O22VF     I only know how to calculate the number of cubes for the specified pattern.   1+2×2+3×3+4×4+5×5


Factoring the sum or difference of two cubes? t^3+216

How do you factor the sum or difference?: t3+216

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