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What is the width of the spill?

A pilot of a small plane was flying over an oil spill at an altitude of 10,000 feet.  He found that the near edge of the spill had an angle of depression of 58 degrees and the far edge of the spill... more


What would the dimensions of the hexagonal base be?

A farmer plans to build a regular hexagonal corn crib with sides 8 feet high.  If he wants the crib to hold up to 1,000 bushels of corn, what would the dimensions of the hexagonal base be? (1,000... more


How tall is the antenna?

A broadcast antenna is located at the top of a building 1,000 feet tall.  From a point on the same horizontal plane as the base of the building, the angles of elevation of the top and bottom of the... more


How much farther must she fly to get to Indianapolis?

A pilot intends to fly a distance of 175 miles from Chicago to Indianapolis.  She begins 21 degrees off her course and proceeds 70 miles before discovering her error.  After correcting her course,... more


Through what angle does the observer see the pole?

One end of a 9.3 foot pole is 13.6 feet from an observer's eyes, and the other end is 17.4 feet from the observer's eyes. Through what angle does the observer see the pole?


scott works as a tutor for $9 and hour and a waiter for $18 and hour he worked a combined total of 83 hours. t=tutor hours

I used to remember how to do this and now i am drawing a black please help.


The Brown's bus left at 9 A.M. And travelled for 150 miles at 57.8 mph. How fast must the bus travel the remaining distance to reach Cincy at 3:15 pm?

For the 280- mile trip from Cleveland to Cincinnati for the Monday night Battle-Of-Ohio Football Game between the Browns and the Bengals, the Browns bus left at 9 A.M. and traveled for 150 miles at... more


Need help with distance story problem

A train leaves little rock AK, and travels North at 55 kilograms an hour. Another train leaves at the same time and travels south at 90 kilograms and hour. How long will it take before they are 290... more


850 Douglas fir and ponderosa pine trees in forest boughtpaid an average of $300 for each D fir and $225 for each P pine. (Full prob in description)

Please show in equation form how to solve this story problem.    There are 850 Douglas fir and Ponderosa Pine trees in a section of forest bought by Sawz Logging Co. The company paid $300 for... more


I can do this problem long hand, but was wondering if there were an easier way to do it with LCM's

Earth's space colony will be floating through the area between Mars and Jupiter. There are five asteroids, named Alpha, Beta, Cephalon, Delta, and Erthon, that will occasionally orbit the colony.... more


How many of Part D should it order?

For every one of Part A a company orders, it also needs to order four of Part B, three of Part C and nine of Part D.  If the company orders 28 of Part B, how many of Part D should it... more


story problem that i need an equation for.

My friend and I are at the same airport. I fly 120 miles west switch to 30 degrees northwest for 70 miles. My friend flies 120 miles east and switches to 40 degrees southwest for 70 miles. Who... more


Band Kids Total

Clinton and Bush's High school band have a combined total of 385 students. Clintons and Regaans high school have a combined 320 students. Bush's band has 65 more members than Regans Band. Clintons... more


finding out the investing of the fund and the stock

Mary has $28,000 and she invested some of it in a fund that yielded a 10%profit. The rest she invested in a stock that lost 5%. Her net profit was$1000.00 How much did she invest in each?


When a number is decreased by 20% of itself, the result is 104. What is the number?

When a number is decreased by 20% of itself, the result is 104. What is the number?


A set U is partitioned into two subsets, G and H. The number of elements in H is four times that in G. If n(U)=60, find n(H).

If someone could explain to me or show how to solve problems like this that would be great. My teacher didn't go over it very specifically because most people in my class already had learned it... more


Roses and daisies

Brad wants to buy flowers for his friend with $27. The daisies are $1 each and the roses are $3 each. He buys 3 more daisies than roses. How much did the roses cost?


six times the sum of a number and 3 is 12 less than 12 times the number

this is all.thank you


If i played a game for a total of 388 hrs over 1 yrs time and am awake 16hrs/day how many hours a day was spent playing the game?

Looking for how many hrs per day were spent playing game?


A person drives 700 mile with fuel cost of 3 dollars per gallon and the vehicle gets 12 miles per gallon how much is total cost in dollars ?

A person drives 700 mile with fuel cost of 3 dollars per gallon and the vehicle gets 12 miles per gallon how much is total cost in dollars ?


Advanced Work Rate Word Problem

" A man can lay a concrete sidewalk in 5 days; his assistant can lay the same sidewalk in 8 days. After working together for 2 days, the man is called away. How long will it take the assistant to... more

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