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Together Alice and Mark walked a total of 10.5 miles in the school walk a thon. Alice waked twice as far as Mark.

How many miles did Alice and Mark each walk in the school walk a thon. Solve this problem.  


interest story problem

the annual interest on a $19000 investment exceeds the interest earned on a $13000 investment by $534. The $19000 is invested at a 0.6% higher rate of interest than the $13000. What is the interest... more


how far has each car traveled when the drivers meet for lunch at 2:24 p.m.

New York City and Washington D.C. are about 240 miles apart.  A car leaves New York City at noon traveling south at 55 miles per hour.  At the same time and along the same route, a second car... more


the product of two negative intergers is 156. what is their sum?

The product of two negative intergers is 156 what is their sum


Story problem

A projectile is launched upward with an initial velocity of 144feet/ second from the roof of a building. The height of a projectile (in feet) after t seconds is given by the function... more


Story problem

A company charges a fixed fee for renting a moving van, in addition to charging per mile driven. If a person rents a moving van and drives it 100 miles the charge is $35. If a person rent a moving... more


Story problem

A water tank is connected to two pipes. When both pipes are open they can fill a tank in 5 hours. The larger of the pipes can fill the tank three hours sooner than the smaller pipe can. How long... more


Story problem

A projectile is launched upward with an initial velocity of 80ft per second from the roof of a building 12ft high. How long will it take until the projectile lands on the ground? Round to nearest... more


Story problem

The length of a rectangular lawn is 5 feet more than it's width. If the area of the lawn is 980 sq feet find the dimensions of the lawn. Round to nearest tenth of a foot.


Runner story problem

A 130 lb. person who runs at 6 mph for 1 hour burns about 720 calories . The same person, walking at 2 mph for 90 min burns about 240 calories. Suppose a 130-lb. person runs at 6 mph for 75 min.... more


compound interest story problem

Suppose $1000 is invested at interest rate k, compounded continuously, and grows to $1144.54 in 3 years.   1) What is the interest rate? 2) What is the exponential growth formula? 3) What is... more


story problem

In a saber fencing cometition involving 7 competitors Jill won twice as many bouts as bryan while boris won 1 more than Jill. Dieter ended with 3 times more than Bryan. How many bouts did Jill,... more


A man takes 18 days to finish a job, if he works with a man who is more efficient by half who long will it take them to finish the job?

Vincent who is half as efficient as Eric takes 18 days to complete a task if he works alone. If Vincent and Eric work together how many days will it take them to complete the task?
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