Kathleen P.

asked • 10/08/15

I can do this problem long hand, but was wondering if there were an easier way to do it with LCM's

Earth's space colony will be floating through the area between Mars and Jupiter. There are five asteroids, named Alpha, Beta, Cephalon, Delta, and Erthon, that will occasionally orbit the colony. The scientists are advising everyone to stay inside during any time that more than one of these asteroids orbits the colony at the same time. Alpha will orbit every 6 days, Beta every 4 days, Cephalon every 9 days, Delta every 12 days, and Erthon every 18 days. How many days will the inhabitants of the space colony have to spend inside in the next 144 days?

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David W. answered • 10/08/15

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Jordan K. answered • 10/08/15

Nationally Certified Math Teacher (grades 6 through 12)

David W.

Jordan K, THX for revising your answer.
I make typos and post wrong answers pretty often (but I'm working on that).  PLZ feel free to improve on any explanations.  Tutors on this forum make many assumptions because we don't have detailed info about the student -- grade, book, learning style, what the teacher glossed over, etc. -- and that's essential for tutoring!).  Often, a student's previous questions help to determine his/her need, but it is easy just to solve a problem the way we like, the way we learned it, or using the most clever method we can think of at the moment.  However, this forum is for students and for students to find potential tutors -- I'm amazed at how many tutors seem to think that this forum provides a way for them to impress other tutors.


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