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Layering multiple instruments?

I am very new to the song writing process. In a section like the chorus, how do you get the layering of many instrument to get that full and rich impression? For my first composition, I just had... more


What are some effective ways to use a key change during a song?

In my own songwriting, I might change keys to reinforce a change in the direction of the lyrics. For example if the first two verses are first person but the last verse is 3rd person, I might... more


Audiation, Mental hearing, Composing/Reading scores without sound reference?

Many composers in the past (as well as the present) were known to do that. So, are there any ways in order to achieve this? Any exercises and so on?


Expanding chord progression repertoire when composing?

I'm working on writing some sad sounding songs. Every time I'm jamming by myself on the guitar, I can play a few chords and sing or whistle what the leads could be. Leads come to me easily, and I... more


Compose with pencil and paper?

I see many composers argue that one of the best ways to compose is with pencil and paper, without using an instrument. What is the process for composing this way? Does one have to imagine a fairly... more


How can you get a Country and Western sound with just a guitar and vocal?

A glimmer of a song idea I have feels like it might fit a C&W style. But I have no idea how that would be achieved and I'm not really a big C&W fan. Is it a musical thing with the... more


Can any melody / motif be turned into a good sounding melody? (Theoretical and practical question.)?

I've read and experienced and I noticed that rhythm, rest placing and even very minor (no pun inteded) changes to the melody, for example some flat or sharp can change it drastically. My question... more


Freestyle Advice for Beatboxing?

So I have been beatboxing for a couple of months now, got inspired by GBBB battles. I can do the basic sounds (kick drum, hi hats, (inward and outward) K snares, pf Snare, throat bass, lip... more


What ukulele chords would go well in a song with a C-F-G7-C progression?

I am a beginner ukulele/guitar player and although I'm not a great musician I enjoy making up my own songs. I've started improvising a bouncy, twee little tune with a C-F-G7-C progression but not... more


Off beat chord change in progression?

I'm self learning to compose something using a daw. I'm a self tough on theory and quite poor so please but hope the question make some sense. I followed a tutorial that suggest the possibility to... more


How to avoid a rut when listening to the same composition hundreds of times?

Often I find myself re-listening to certain parts of a piece repeatedly when composing it, generally hundreds of times in a short time. This creates a pattern of behaviour that becomes dull and... more


The Chords in this progression sound great but don't belong together - so why do they work?

I am a songwriter and compose my own music to go with my lyrics. Most of my chord progressions follow common patterns like using a I V IV or I IV V with an occasional ii or iii or vi chord thrown... more


What are the appropriate/technical approaches that professional composers do to induce creativity in music making process?

I feel like I've already been "programmed" by pop songs when creating new sound. I always enjoy simply improvising on piano but I can never break through that musicality that is "programmed" in my... more


Beginning composer wanting to know where to start?

I'm a seventeen-year-old aspiring film composer. I have twelve years of piano and theory experience, but beyond that, I have no experience with anything else musicwise. I am homeschooled with no... more


How do you actually learn how to compose music?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dYUmLwnZ6Y&t=629s How do you compose a rock song like the person in the video? I've gone through all the books and video tutorials and I still don't know how... more


How to make melodies/chords more interesting?

I’m a noob when it comes to making music but I have a little problem when creating melodies/chords. I made a nice loop in fl studio but I feel it’s to repetitive. I’ve tried adding more chords and... more


Who do I write music for?

I've been playing keyboard for eight years now. As much as I adore music I can't find the real answer to who am doing it for? Who am I writing music for? I'm very much interested in art rock and... more


How much of a jazz composition is defined by the composer, and how much by the musicians?

Do jazz music composers need to write all notes for the every instrument, do the players write themselves a new suitable extravaganza or do they completely improvise the song?


What is the effect of "Conglomerising" your percussion?

When writing music, I use a program called Fruity Loops. Of the music that I write that has percussion, some of them are written with all the percussion instruments being grouped into one pattern.... more


Finding musicians to play new compositions?

I've been composing for most of my life. Lately, I've started to accumulate a rather large number of completed pieces. I recently realized that it may be time for me to start looking for musicians... more


Composition for Clarinet?

I would like to write a song for a Bb clarinet. What is the easiest key for a clarinet player to play it in? Do I use the Treble clef register?


How do I get out of my song writing rut and compose something new and fresh for a change?

I have been writing melodies for my original lyrics since 2008 and have written quite a few songs in that time. But the more songs I write, the more difficult it becomes to write melodies that... more


Creating a cadenca (Boccherini Concerto No 3 in G Maj)?

I need to create a cadenza (A virtuoso passage inserted near the end of a concerto movement) for cello for the first part of Boccherini Concerto No 3 in G Maj (Allegro, starting at measure 98 in my... more


How do I find chords to go with my melody in music I write?

I have written a number of tunes using just A,B,C, etc. to indicate notes. I have no musical knowledge so I am unable to find the appropriate chords to go with my tunes. Is there a an online... more


Is it acceptable to change tempo in the middle of a song or is this a bad idea?

I wrote a song that could be classified as Pop or Country that starts out at a medium slow tempo in the first two verses and bridge.Then there is a section after the bridge that can best be... more

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