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Improving a language at B1 level?

I am learning Russian and English. I speak in English and understand everything most of the time when my friends talk. I understand about 60% of the words in movies and news. I also struggle with... more


Composition Training (with Hindemith)?

I am looking to get back into composition and trying to get some advice on textbooks.By way of background, my biggest liability is my lack of formal training (I have none). During my early teens, I... more
Self Learning English Esl/esol


Are the methods for learning English reported on Antimoon reasonable?

Antimoon (see e.g. [How to learn English](http://www.antimoon.com/how/howtolearn.htm)) claims that two Polish men ([Tomasz P. Szynalski and his friend MRW](http://www.antimoon.com/blog/about/))... more
Self Learning English Esl/esol


Can anyone give me advice on upgrading / learning English?

I recently defended my doctoral thesis in management science and I realize that English is the key to the job market and research field. During my primary and secondary education, I was good at... more


Why am I always sticking to minor keys?

When I'm improvising on my keyboard, or trying to compose a melody, I always find myself playing in a minor key -- and never a major one. (For keyboard it's usually G minor or D minor, but that I... more


Can any melody / motif be turned into a good sounding melody? (Theoretical and practical question.)?

I've read and experienced and I noticed that rhythm, rest placing and even very minor (no pun inteded) changes to the melody, for example some flat or sharp can change it drastically. My question... more


How do video game music composers make so many songs for one game? Are all of them some sort of musical talent / genius?

I love video game soundtracks from to 8-bit ones to the very orchestral pieces but it's not clear to me how they can make so many songs for one game. Even if there are motifs which can help make... more

Why learn to solve differential equations when computers can do it?

I'm getting started learning engineering math. I'm really interested in physics especially quantum mechanics, and I'm coming from a strong CS background. One question is haunting me. Why do I... more


Use of determinants?

I have been teaching myself maths (primarily calculus) throughout this and last year, and was stumped with the use of determinants. In the math textbooks I have, they simply show how to compute a... more


Optimal harmonic audiation techniques?

I am trying to learn to audiate harmonies in order to be able to compose without instruments. I can already audiate melodies, but harmony is a real beast. (*Edit: To be clear, I can recognize... more
Self Learning Music Theory Notation Theory


Does the ability of reading and writing music on staff help with learning music fundamentals?

As I see it, notation on sheet music is a tool for translating musical ideas into something that can be read/interpreted by others and played back, given they understand the same set of rules. I... more

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