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How do bands take notes of their songs?

I've never been in a band, and I'm trying to imagine how the songwriting process goes in a band. Most importantly, I wonder how does a band take notes of their songs and ideas during jams and... more


How can you tell the chords of a piece of music if you can only hear bass and melody?

How can you tell the chords of a piece of music if you can only hear bass and melody? There are a lot of possibility that it can be more than a single chord..Also, would be better like this.. To... more


How are melodic sequences used?

I keep hearing about sequences. I know that there's both harmonic and melodic sequences. I am familiar with harmonic sequences I believe they're also called "basso ostinato" where you play a... more


What are the common problems when it comes to ear training and how do I fix it?

I can think of a few, first in formost, there is 2 different type of struggles transcribing in real time which requires you to hear and identify chords and melody and improvising, which requires... more


What makes a piece a nocturne?

I am wanting to compose a second nocturne. I composed my first one about a year ago and pretty much all the feedback I got was that it should have been written in 3/4 instead of 4/4. I wonder if... more


What are the appropriate/technical approaches that professional composers do to induce creativity in music making process?

I feel like I've already been "programmed" by pop songs when creating new sound. I always enjoy simply improvising on piano but I can never break through that musicality that is "programmed" in my... more


Question on harmonizing melodies?

In the melody to *Twinkle Twinkle Little Star* there are places with two notes of the same pitch in a row. So far I have only studied harmonizing (four-part harmony) melodies without the same pitch... more


Chords and Melody?

I have a chord progression in Octave 3 , Bassline in Octave 1 , and the chorus and verse melody in Octave 2. ( Verse melody is lower pitch than chorus melody ) I wrote the verse and chorus melody... more


How do I find chords to go with my melody in music I write?

I have written a number of tunes using just A,B,C, etc. to indicate notes. I have no musical knowledge so I am unable to find the appropriate chords to go with my tunes. Is there a an online... more


Does every phrase in music end with a cadence?

I'm just wondering if every phrase in music ends on a Cadence? Much like every sentence in English ends with a period? I am mainly talking about common music such as pop, rock, classical,... more


Solo Cello Composition: Double Stops Question?

Can the G or D strings be muted by Cellist so that a double stop can be played on the G and A, or C and D strings? Would greatly appreciate a response.


Chris has 24 apples. He give 9 to Naruto. Baruto gives him 26 more. How many apples does Chris have now.

Chris has 24 apples. He gives 9 to Naruto. Baruto gives him 26 more. how many apples does Chris have now.    
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