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Consonance And Dissonance Songwriting Terminology Harmony


What is the difference between harmony and consonance in music?

I am new to music theory and I was wondering what the difference is between harmony and consonance/dissonance. What are the reasons behind these terms and how can you apply it in practice if, for... more
Consonance And Dissonance Music Theory Intervals Terminology


Classification of 9th, 11th, and 13th intervals by consonance and dissonance?

An interval is classified by its consonance or dissonance: as an open consonance (unison, perfect fifth, octave), a soft consonance (major and minor third and sixth), mild dissonance (major second... more
Consonance And Dissonance Songwriting Composition Chord Theory


What technique was being used in composing this background music for a film?

At around six minutes and 40 seconds of this Youtube video, https://youtu.be/9kK-Z-hCOow this gentleman talks about using minor and major thirds and how it was supposed to mimic the sound of a... more

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