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Is 2 measures sufficient for a fugue subject?

I know what a fugue is. I also have been reading up on the form of the fugue and how to write in counterpoint. I wrote a canon and I have written a sonatina using sonata form. So theoretically a... more
Songwriting Composition Band Flute


What is the range for the flute for a high school band?

I'm writing a song for a high school band, but I'm unsure of the range for flute players. I know flute players play really high, but I'm not sure where the limit is (both high and low). What range... more
Songwriting Scales Chords


How to determine which (slash) chord to use?

I usually notice the patterns of making chord progressions with defining its root notes. These root notes actually the main notes that I will sing in and from there I can decide to use which chords... more
Songwriting Composition Learning


A total newbie wants to learn how to write songs. What does he need?

I am recently being interested in writing my own songs/my own music. However, I'm a newbie when it comes to music. I am not really musically talented nor inclined. I only know basic guitar chords... more
Songwriting Composition Brass


How do I compose idiomatically for brass instruments?

I'm thinking of composing pieces for small ensembles with varied instrumentation. Typically I compose on a keyboard. How do I determine if the musician can easily play on brass instruments such as... more
Songwriting Composition


What do I need to notate as I play?

I hope this isn’t a silly enquiry. My daughter improvises on our piano, classical style, and I would like to know if there’s a means to notate on computer as she plays. We bought Sibelius... more
Songwriting Composition Cadence Chopin


How to write extended perfect authentic cadences?

I am currently writing a Berceuse in the style of Chopin and I noticed in a lot of his music and that of other romantic composers in the final perfect authentic cadences they repeat it multiple... more


How to notate a time signature that alternates every few measures?

I was playing an original song in 4/4 but noticed if I instead played the first 3 bars as 3/4 and kept the last 4 chords one per beat in a bar of 4/4, it seemed more interesting. How would this... more
Songwriting Scales Tone Chords


What key to use for a certain meaning or theme in the song?

I know this might be considered a very vague question, but I don't know where else to go. I've started songwriting recently and I'm still a beginner. I was wondering, what key(s) should I write my... more


What technique was being used in composing this background music for a film?

At around six minutes and 40 seconds of this Youtube video, https://youtu.be/9kK-Z-hCOow this gentleman talks about using minor and major thirds and how it was supposed to mimic the sound of a... more


The Chords in this progression sound great but don't belong together - so why do they work?

I am a songwriter and compose my own music to go with my lyrics. Most of my chord progressions follow common patterns like using a I V IV or I IV V with an occasional ii or iii or vi chord thrown... more
Songwriting Composition


How do I go about selling my musical composition?

I've been studying music on and off for several years now and I've finally composed a pop music like piece. It has no lyrics yet as I don't know how to integrate in the words yet. How do I seek... more
Songwriting Composition


Advice on writing for music boxes?

I need to write two different short pieces for music boxes. The main limitations I'm facing are that I have to stay within 2 octaves and I can only(ish) write in the key of C major (or just C, D,... more

Industry Standard for Psychological Mapping of Emotion to Musical Keys?

I have found several references to map a key to a psychological feeling or psyche archetype. Is there an industry standard for musical scoring?
Songwriting Composition Band


How do bands take notes of their songs?

I've never been in a band, and I'm trying to imagine how the songwriting process goes in a band. Most importantly, I wonder how does a band take notes of their songs and ideas during jams and... more
Songwriting Music Theory Theory Chords


How can you tell the chords of a piece of music if you can only hear bass and melody?

How can you tell the chords of a piece of music if you can only hear bass and melody? There are a lot of possibility that it can be more than a single chord..Also, would be better like this.. To... more


How are melodic sequences used?

I keep hearing about sequences. I know that there's both harmonic and melodic sequences. I am familiar with harmonic sequences I believe they're also called "basso ostinato" where you play a... more


What are the common problems when it comes to ear training and how do I fix it?

I can think of a few, first in formost, there is 2 different type of struggles transcribing in real time which requires you to hear and identify chords and melody and improvising, which requires... more


What makes a piece a nocturne?

I am wanting to compose a second nocturne. I composed my first one about a year ago and pretty much all the feedback I got was that it should have been written in 3/4 instead of 4/4. I wonder if... more
Songwriting Composition


What are the appropriate/technical approaches that professional composers do to induce creativity in music making process?

I feel like I've already been "programmed" by pop songs when creating new sound. I always enjoy simply improvising on piano but I can never break through that musicality that is "programmed" in my... more


Question on harmonizing melodies?

In the melody to *Twinkle Twinkle Little Star* there are places with two notes of the same pitch in a row. So far I have only studied harmonizing (four-part harmony) melodies without the same pitch... more
Songwriting Composition Chords Melody


Chords and Melody?

I have a chord progression in Octave 3 , Bassline in Octave 1 , and the chorus and verse melody in Octave 2. ( Verse melody is lower pitch than chorus melody ) I wrote the verse and chorus melody... more
Songwriting Composition Chords


How do I find chords to go with my melody in music I write?

I have written a number of tunes using just A,B,C, etc. to indicate notes. I have no musical knowledge so I am unable to find the appropriate chords to go with my tunes. Is there a an online... more
Songwriting Composition Cadence Phrase


Does every phrase in music end with a cadence?

I'm just wondering if every phrase in music ends on a Cadence? Much like every sentence in English ends with a period? I am mainly talking about common music such as pop, rock, classical,... more


Film Scoring non-diatonic chord changes. Any good books?

so I've been reading about film scoring and how the composers typically use non-diatonic chord progressions (M3, m3 and tritone), for example C major to E-major and C major to E-flat major; to... more

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