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Help With Steps



can someone help me please :)
Help With Steps Math Algebra 2 Algebra


express this algebraically

example  the sum of x and y equals 3 more than z . Expressed algebraically= x + y = z + 3 Help! :( 1. simple interest is the product of "p" dollars, "r" percent interest, and "t" years. 2. the... more
Help With Steps


Linda works at a pharmacy for $15 an hour. She also babysits for $10 an hour. Linda needs to earn at least $90 per week, but she does not want to work more than

I am really lost on this question. I thought I knew what it was, but when I looked in the book I was incorrect. If possible, I need all the work shown.
Help With Steps Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


(x-8) less than or equal to [ (40/(x+4)) - (90/(x+5)) solve for x

Another one is (6x-5 ) < (6/x)   Do you solve for x on these the way that you would if it were an equal sign rather than <> signs?
Help With Steps Math Pre Calculus Pre Algebra



solve the following equation...I am confused... what i have so far: 2cosx-2+sin^2=0 ....  
Help With Steps Math


how do you factor -2x^2+19x+48

the full problem is -2x^2+19x+48 divided by x^2 -3x-10 minus 6x-24 divided by x-5
Help With Steps


The admission fee at an amusement park is $3.50 for children and $5.20 for adults.

The admission fee at an amusement park is $3.50 for children and $5.20 for adults. On a certain day, 254 people entered the park, and the admission fees collected totaled 1144 dollars. How many... more
Help With Steps


3x+2 = 4(x-1)-1

Not sure if the steps I am following are correct? I have an answe, but get confused with how we work with the fraction and variable or cross multiplying.

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