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FInding Per Hour: Solving

Tyler starts walking at 2 miles per hour. An hour later, Nadine starts jogging along same route at 6 miles per hour. How long will it take Nadine to catch up with Tyler?

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2 Answers

Let t = the time it takes for Nadine to catch up

Distance Tyler goes in time t is

D = 2 +2t

Distance Nadine goes in time t is

D = 6t

Since the distance each goes is the same

6t = 2 + 2t

4t = 2

t = ½ hour

If the objects are moving in the same direction, then the velocity of convergence (or breakaway) is equal to the difference between their individual velocities. d = (v1 - v2)*t .
When Nadine starts jogging the Tyler was 2 miles (Tyler's velocity multiply by 1 hour) ahead.
Let's assume that Nadine will catch up with Tyler in h hours. During this time Nadine will run the distance dN = 6h miles, and Tyler will walk the distance dT = 2h miles. Difference between dn and dT is 2 miles.
6h - 2h = 2 ------> 4h = 2 ------> h = 1/2 hour or 30minutes.