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Curve Sketching


What does f(x)=-f(-x) mean if f(2)=0?

My assignment is to sketch a graph of y=f(x) with the Domain: (-infinity, -1)and (1,infinity). I can't figure out how to use the equation given. Please help!
Curve Sketching Calculus Graph


Curve Sketching - Graph the following equation with precision

Graph the following equation with precision. Show all calculations.    x4 - 2x3 - x + 2 --------------------------      x3 - 4x   the dotted line is division. Just made it easier to read.... more
Curve Sketching


A curve has equation y=x^2 - 6x + 14

Write the equation in the form y=(x+a)^2 + b where a and b are integers.  Draw a sketch of the curve showing clearly the coordinates of any turning points and where the curve crosses the y - axis.
Curve Sketching Graph Sketching


The graph of f(x)=ax^2+bx+c has two distinct zeros. Explain how to sketch the graph of y=1/f(x).

12th grade advanced functions math
Curve Sketching Sketching


Sketch without using technology?

0.16t/(t^2+t+2) How do u get that weird looking curve without technology?
Curve Sketching


f(x)= x^(2/3)-x^(2)

this is a curve sketch. determine domain and range. find x intercepts. find y intercept. determine any vertical asymptotes. find the end behavior asymptote. consider symmetry. find the relative... more

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