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What are 'acid stable' amino acids?

I tend to see terms `amino acid`, `acid stable amino acid`, and `free amino acids` used often in the field of nutrition, but they are sometimes used interchangeably which confuses me. I know that:-... more
Amino Acids Biochemistry Proteins


Why is glycine considered a nonpolar amino acid but a polar molecule?

Glycine has a dipole moment, so why is it considered a nonpolar amino acid when discussing its occurrence in proteins?Also, is the backbone of a protein nonpolar?
Amino Acids Biochemistry Proteins


Why is leucine amino acid used the most in proteins and tryptophan the least?

The amino acid leucine, is used in proteins more than others. Leucine with 9.1 percent (its average in more than 1.150 different proteins) is used most and tryptophan with 1.4 percent is used less... more
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What is the smallest number of amino acids required for life?

Is there any hypothesis on the minimum number of amino acids required for life?


Is tyrosine hydrophobic or hydrophilic?

I’ve seen tyrosine classified as a hydrophobic amino acid due to its aromatic ring in some textbooks and as hydrophilic due to its hydroxyl group in other textbooks. How does tyrosine actually... more
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What is the explanation for the smaller number of tRNA than codons?

> Translation, or decoding, of the four-nucleotide language of DNA and> mRNA into the 20–amino acid language of proteins requires tRNAs and> enzymes called aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases. To... more

The sequence of the amino acids is the _______ structure of proteins.

I know that A is the right answer but wouldn't all the four structures contribute to the sequence?     A) primary   B) secondary   C) tertiary   D) quaternary

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