Asked • 05/30/19

What are some (bioinformatic) methods to characterize potentially novel gene transcripts?

I am working with a few novel transcripts of genes- before I confirm their existence experimentally, I would like to perform some bioinformatic analysis. I have already considered coding potential, protein domain prediction, transcription factor binding sites, sequence homology, and RNA secondary structure (still a little unsure how to use this one). These transcripts were discovered using RNA-Seq. Are there any other elements of genes/confirmed transcripts that I should look for in the sequence of my transcripts and corresponding softwares? (I can find the software myself if necessary, but I have run out of characteristics to search for). I would like to characterize these transcripts structurally and functionally as completely as possible, including potential protein function, mRNA degradation, etc - some new features for what to look into would be appreciated.

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Craig E. answered • 10/29/20

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PhD Candidate in Biology (Genetics & Molecular Biology)

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