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Find the square root of √96x2y?

√96x2y   A.)4xy√6 B.)4x2√6y C.)4xy2√6 D.)4x√6y


System Of equations read the description

y = √x + 7 + 2 y = √ 3 - x Note x + 7 is under the square root symbol Note 3 - x is under the square root symbol  PLEASE HELP


systems of equations

y = x + 8 y = - 12/x Need help with this problem. The solution of this system of equations

√3x + 1 - 3 = 7 How is this solved?

Note 3x + 1 are the only numbers inside the square root I don't understand i really need the help

(1 - √5)(2 - √5) Simplified

√ = square root symbol  also I am not entirley sure how to simplify this  could use the help

3√3 + 2√50 Simplified

√ = square root sign 

9√3 +2√3 Simplified

√ = square root symbol


√24x^5 simplified

the √ is supposed to be the square root symbol and 24x^5 is under it 

square root of 8 over the square root of 3+1

√8 — √3+1    

what is the √8/√3+1 *best way i can write it*

i need to solve the square root of 8 over the square root of 3 plus 1.


Exponent and radicals

Find x  24^x = 1/64


Find the inverse of the one-to-one function. f(x) = √x + 8

Show all steps. The x+8 is in the radical. 


Question about using FOIL method

Problem:  (3√3 + 3√27)(2√3-√27)   In my textbook it says to first put "like radicals together" so I started with setting up this problem as: (3√3 + 2√3)(3√27-√27)   However, in the problem... more

a. For what values of x is the radical defined?

The rational equation dealing with springs mentioned in the beginning of this lesson is v= √ (k∕m x²) . The letters k and m represent constant values that reflect the composition of the spring and... more


state the restrictions on the variable. express each as an entire radical .... 4y²√3y 6n³√2n

.... need some help cant seem to figure it out     4y²√3y  6n³√2n

In a complex number would you put i in front of or after a radical? I've seen it written both ways and I'm very confused

imaginary numbers. complex numbers.radicals. order in a solution


Index of a radical

Simlify by reducing the index of the radical: 6 as the index √y^3
Radicals Geometry Simplify


Simplifying a Radical

How do you simplify -/45?
Radicals Geometry Simplify


Simplifying Radicals?

For some reason I just couldn't remember anything that my teacher explained today in class. So now I'm just looking at my homework and apparently I need to simplify these for a final answer,... more


If √5 =2.236 and √3 =1.736 ,find the value of [{2/(√5+√3)}{7/(√5-√3)}]

If √5 =2.236 and √3 =1.736 ,find the value of  [{2/(√5+√3)}{7/(√5-√3)}]


use radical notation to rewrite the expression. simply if possible



4 - ^3sqrt(4+12x) = 0

Would like a step by step for this problem.  It is just a practice problem and I need an example.


The problem says write the sum of solutions of 3√2-x = x-4 and I don't know how to write the sum of the solutions?

Just really need to know how to write the answer using sum of solutions  


State restrictions in the variable

1.√x+3 2.√2x-1 3. 3√4-x   4. 7x^2     ------     √x-2   help please x    
Radicals Math Square Roots


Use radical notation to write the expression. Simplify if possible. Assume that all variables represent nonnegative quantities.

(9x^4) ^ 1/2    is this not 3x^2?   because ^2(√9x^4)^1                   3x^2 ?

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