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39 is 7 less than triple a number

39 is 7 less than  triple a number


3 yards per seconds= how many miles per hour

need tknow  if a person  runs at a speed of 3 yerds per second  about how many miles per hour is  that

Math Question

the zoo charges 9 dollars per adult and 3 dollars per child . If 227 people went to the zoo and the total was 1017 how many adults and children attended.
Question Math


A man invested

10,000 dollars in two business. One business earned 5 percent for the year and another lost 7.5 percent . Find the amount he invested in each business if he earned 25 dollars for the year.


jose wants to simplify 24+9 using the greatest common factor and the distributive property what expression should he write?

jose whants to simlify 24+9 sung the greatest common factor and the distributive property. what expression should he write?

What is a Post-romantic worldview?

What is a Post-romantic worldview? Thank you for answering! :)


What does opposing Viewpoint mean? When analysing newspaper article?

Hello, I have a question about my english homework. We have to find two newspaper articles and answers questions about them.First question, Does the author recognise a viewpoint that opposes his or... more


how much would i have to start with to have 50,000 in 20 years using a 0.13% rate

I don't remember how tofigure how much money I should start with to end u with $50,000 in 20 years & to use a rate of 0.13%


I have a geometry question..

I am having trouble with this geometry word problem. If you could explain in detail it would be greatly appreciated.   In making a ( two-dimensional) net of a cylinder, Mark was confused. He... more


An Older Person Is 4 Years Older than five times the age of a younger person.The Sum of their ages is 22.Find their ages.

Trying To Find Out The Sum Of Their Ages Having Trouble Finding And Figuring It Out I Need Help To Get This Question Answered.


what is the domain of h(x)=29 over x+6

I am having trouble finding the domain and range of equations.


How does the French Revolution connect to today's world/current events?

How does the French Revolution connect to today's world or current events?
Question Brother


Who was the 15th president of the United states?

My brother asked me this, but I didn't know the answer.


What does the word periodic mean?

Science and Vocab.

What is the atomic mass of an element?

Physical Science is hard and boring.

What did Dmitri Mendeleev discover in 1869?

I need help with physical science. It is hard. my mom is too busy to help.

The enlightenment and the French Revolution question

How was The Enlightenment NOT the cause of the French Revolutio?
Question Reading Question


The Handmaids Tale question

What are some argument Offred can make about how the Handmaids were portrayed in The Handmaids Tale?


Hi I have a question

Hi if I have 1thousand dollars and it's 50$ each book how many books will I get for that 1,000 dollars ?
Question Problem Solving


i need help.

How does the time taken for a walk depend on how far you go?


The area of a rectangle is 55 ft^2, and the length of the rectangle is 4 ft less than three times the width.

The area of a rectangle is 55 ft^2, and the length of the rectangle is 4 ft less than three times the width.


Write an equation in standard form of the line that has a slope of -4 and passes through (-2,7)

How do you write an equation in standard form.


The difference between a number and 2 times the number is 7 the number is greater than 0 what is the number

Help me on question

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