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how do you find the exact value of sin(pi/24)?

the final answer must be fully simplified, no fractions of a fraction


Pythagorean theorem and trig ratios

How does the Pythagorean Theorem relate to trigonometric ratios?


Trig ratios and functions

How does the Pythagorean Theorem relate to trigonometric ratios? What is important to remember about coterminal angles and their trigonometric function values? What are some tips or tricks you... more


Given a triangle with vertices (0,0), (4,2), and (-1,5).

  To the nearest tenth of a degree, find the angles of the triangle, using right helper triangles and trig ratios.
Trig Ratios


Trigonometry quirie

Given, p= sin 36 , q=cos 40, determine in terms of p and q, cos 72 and cos 4
Trig Ratios Trigonometry


Determine the other two trig ratios

If tan theta < 0 and sin theta = 8/17, what are the exact values of the other two trig ratios? What is the reference angle and terminal angle?

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