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What are the mistakes in this code, using R studio?

 the statistician decides to use the processed dataset to calculate the mean DNA damage for each combination of conditions defined by cancer cell line, anti-cancer agent and concentration. There... more


Computer Science Python- Beginner

Ask for the number of hours used as a decimal fraction (a floating-point number). Validate the number and if it is invalid, keep asking the user for a valid number. If it is valid, round the... more

Graded Activity C++ Program

A C++ assignment Implement the GradedActivity class. Copying from the pdfs is fine. Create a new class Assignment which is derived from GradedActivity. It should have three private member ints for... more

C++ Grid Writer

C++: In this part of the assignment you will not need to write any code. Instead you will download a software project and submit your answers to questions about the code.The project uses a class... more

C++ Program: Random Number Guesser.

MUST HAVE TWO FILES Submit your RandomNumberGuesser.h and RandomNumberGuesser.cpp filesWrite a derived class of the NumberGuesser class named RandomNumberGuesser. The derived class should override... more

Copy/pasting in software that does not support copy/paste.

I was given a small data entry job in which I had to type 2000 data and I had to do this in a specific software. Problem is that I typed almost 200 data in that software and I came to know that the... more

I can't make a my character move when I run my javascript (Intellij), what is wrong with my code?

package movement; import processing.core.PApplet; import processing.core.PImage; public class LunasAdventures extends PApplet { PImage moth; PImage bg; public static void... more


How do I create a link to a location in a page, when sections are accordion collapsed using CSS?

The page is divided into different categories which can be collapsed (accordion), and using the regular <a href> does not work. That only works when linking to a location in the same section... more

Help writing this program homework

Presidential Eligibility Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States, states that "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the... more

Using Visual Basic write Program

Cost of Flash Drives: A Company sells 8 GB flash drives for $3.300 each and 16 GB flash drives for $5.20 each. However, large-quantity orders of flash drives of the same type receive discounts.... more

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