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Elasticity Science Physics


Values of Young's, Bulks, and Shear Modulus of Elasticity of Different Materials.

Can you please give at least 10 examples of each and their values? Thank you!!


Bounce of a ping pong ball vs bounce of other things (How does the material affect ?)?

Yesterday I saw that a ping pong ball bounced nicely on a hard surface but poorly on a mattress.On the contrary ,I saw that other things (a pen for example) bounced poorly on a hard surface but... more
Elasticity Microeconomics


Is elasticity purely an aggregate concept or can it be individualized?

First question here. I am not an economist by training, but I do quite a bit of econometric analysis in my job (my background is maths). I often get asked about elasticity, and I am familiar with... more
Elasticity Microeconomics


Why absolute value in elasticities and marginal rate of substitution?

This is a point I find very confusing and very hard to justify to students. Depending on the books, one finds many different conventions regarding the sign of elasticities and marginal rate of... more

What are Giffen Goods?

What exactly are Giffen goods and are they of purely theoretical interest or has there been empirical evidence of their existence?
Elasticity Microeconomics


Intuition - Why does elasticity vary along a curve?

Source: p 96, *Principles of Microeconomics*, 7 Ed, 2014, by N Gregory Mankiw>Even though the slope of a linear demand curve is constant, the elasticity is not.This is true because the slope is... more


help me pls about economics

The Case:Airline industry is a large and growing industry. It accelerates economic growth, worldtrade, international investment and tourism and is therefore, central to the globalization.The... more

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