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Potential Energy Kinetic Energy


Physics-Conservation of energy and charge

A small ball has a mass of 5.0 x 10-8 kg and a charge of 0.0 x 10-5 C. It enters a box with an initial speed of 1.2 x 104 m/s. The point where the charge leaves the box is at a voltage 350 kV... more
Potential Energy Physics Ratios Velocity


angular velocity physics question PLEASE HELP??

Dart hits wheel. In terms of m, M, v0, and R (of wheel), find:   A) angular speed of wheelB) ratios of initial and final kinetic energies
Potential Energy Physics Kinetic Energy Energy


Physics-Energy/ conservation of energy

Question: At a water park, Hugo climbs a 15.00m springboard, in 22.00s, to execute his famous THUNDER CANNON BALL. Hugo jumps up at 6.000m/s [up] off the end of the diving board and propels his... more
Potential Energy


Spring question

A long spring is stretched by 2cm. Itspotential energy is V. If the spring is stretchedby 10cm, its potential energy would be______


What is the energy transfer of a battery rolling out of a rolling cup?

A cup is on its side. inside the cup is a double A battery. An object hits the cup forcing the cup to roll. As the cup rolls the batter rolls out. What is the energy transfer of the battery rolling... more
Potential Energy Physics Kinetic Energy Energy


Physics Work and Energy Question. Please check my answer.

A 5g apple is thrown straight upward with an initial velocity of 20 m/s @ a point of 1.5m height from ground. Ignoring air friction, find:   a. Total mechanical energy of the apple at initial... more

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