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the product of a number and 3 is twice the sum of that number and 5. what is the number

Trying to solve this word problem 
Math Algrebra


tom,jack,jerry each painted 1/4 of the garage. How much of the garage did not get painted?

show work
Math Algrebra


Math question: I want to solve for Q but I am not sure how to?

How do I solve for Q please?   k=QL/hAt
Math Algrebra Algebra Word Problem


Denny can deliver 6 papers every 15 minutes and Brendan can deliver 5 papers in that same amount of time. How many papers can they deliver in an hour?

The details are very confusing and so is the question help me out please I obviously do not understand stand Jesus Christ.
Math Algrebra


Algebra math

The perimeter of a rectangular flower garden is 80 m and its area is 375 m2. Find the length of the garden.
Math Algrebra


Help me with question

rachel Manuel and Lamar have 106 dollars. Rachel has 6 dollars less than Manuel and Lamar has 3 times what Rachel has. How much do they have in their wallet
Math Algrebra Maths Solution


how does x^1/2 times 1/x cancel to 1/x^1/2

i am looking for the workings how the answer gets to be 1/x^1/2

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