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Maths Equation


how find this equation

Write an equation of the line passing through the point (–2, –4) that is parallel to the line y=5x+12
Maths Equation


Two numbers that have a difference of 20

The numbers to use is 17,24,25,26,35,43,44
Maths Equation


If x=(7x-1)^(1/2),Find the Integral Value of x^2+(1/x^2)

If x=√(7x-1),Find the Integral value ofx2+(1/x2)
Maths Equation


Maths equation

n/15 x 3 - 9.5 = 45.5
Maths Equation


solve equation

n/18 - 11 +3 x 9 = 41 solve for n? do i use bimdas or bomdas? Is there a quick way.   this my working out: n/18 - 11 + 27 = 41 n/18 + 16 = 41 n/18 + 16 - 16 = 41 - 16 n/18 = 25   where to... more
Maths Equation


make x the subject in the folllowing equation

y=4√x+3  -7
Maths Equation


A rectangle has an area of 36cm square. It is four times as long as it is wide. What is it width[w]

 i need to know what is the answers to this question 
Maths Equation


Rachel spends 14 of her pocket money on chocolates, 18 on pizza. How much money will be left with her?

Rachel spends 14 of her pocket money on chocolates, 18 on pizza. How much money will be left with her?
Maths Equation Math Maths Formula


Is there a shortcut formula to use whenever one of the values inside a formula changes?

I have this formula.true=base×(1+A)×(1+B−C)×(1−D)×(1+E−F)×(1−G)If the E increases its value, is there a way to know the adjusted true without having to calculate the whole formula again using the... more
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Number arranging

The number of ways of arranging the 26 letters of the English alphabet = 26!. If a computer prints these arrangements at the rate of 1000 per second, how long will this take?
Maths Equation


A is the point (0,-10) B is the point (8,0) the distance from A to B is two-thirds of distance A to C find the coordinates of C

Maths Equation


Fred is 25 years older than Bill and in 5 years he will be twice as old as Bill. Find their present ages.

Equation please.
Maths Equation


a farmer has 72 animals goats and chickens together they have 168 legs how many are goats

 what details
Maths Equation


what is 6x+6=50

i dont understand


The roots of a quadratic equation x^2-8x+c=0 are the same.

find the value of c.
Maths Equation


Gradient of the line

How do I find the gradient of the line 2y=-6x+1
Maths Equation Maths


Line equations

A straight line, L, is perpendicular to the line with equation y=4x+3 L passes through the point (7,3) Find equation for L
Maths Equation Maths


rectangle is 4cm longer than it is wide.

if both the length and the breadth are increased by 1cm, the area would be increased by 18cm. Find the length and the breadth of the rectangle

How do you calculate rate of expansion of gas with temperature with a gradient of the line being 0.2?

i am doing a graph plotting in volume and temperature it has asked: How do you calculate rate of expansion of gas with temperature with a gradient of the line being 0.2? 
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Calculate the distance between two points on planet earth separated by 40 degrees along the equator. assume planet earth is perfect sphere. what would

what would the distance be if the object were the moon instead.    
Maths Equation


She has a sheet of pastry thats 30,60 and needs to make a pie with one circle with a diamiter of 10cm and one with 6 to make one pie how manny can she make

Please help me i need this i am stuck but i know you need to use pi
Maths Equation Math Maths Solution


make a the subject : 4(a-b)+c(a-2)=ad

i need help with this question
Maths Equation Maths


A lesson starts at 10.45 and lasts 40 minutes. What time does it end

im commfused  

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