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How do you calculate rate of expansion of gas with temperature with a gradient of the line being 0.2?

i am doing a graph plotting in volume and temperature it has asked: How do you calculate rate of expansion of gas with temperature with a gradient of the line being 0.2? 
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how does x^1/2 times 1/x cancel to 1/x^1/2

i am looking for the workings how the answer gets to be 1/x^1/2
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X=-3 and y=-x+2 so what is y

I would like to know the value of y and x is -3 but y is -x+.
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Calculate the distance between two points on planet earth separated by 40 degrees along the equator. assume planet earth is perfect sphere. what would

what would the distance be if the object were the moon instead.    
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11/40 people at a wedding are men

11/40 of the people at a wedding celebration are men. 34% of the people are women. the rest of the people at the wedding are children. Work out the percentage of children at the wedding
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Maths question on Factors and Primes

A rambler club buys hats in packs of 12 and scarves in packs of 18. The club buys exactly the same number of hats and scarves.   What is the smallest number of packs of hats and the smallest... more
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x squared divided by 3 - y = x squared

i need help 
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make a the subject : 4(a-b)+c(a-2)=ad

i need help with this question
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Cube is filled with ideal gas what will be the new pressure of it

if a cube is filled with an ideal gas to a pressure of 18.0 atm at 0°C(273K) and volume of the cube doubles and the temperature is raised to 25°C, what is the new pressure? 
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Polluted water was found to have the following pollutants in a ratio of 3:5:10. The chemicals are sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and ascetic acid. Calculate

to continue this question: calculate the volumes of each of the three chemicals in a 5ml sample.
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2 to the power of ????=0.0156 or 1/64

answer please
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Zak and Zara share 56 pears in the ratio 3:4. Zak gives 1/4 to another friend. How many does Zak have left

The ratio is 3:4
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Basically to do without measurement.

If the Earth is 150,000,000km from the sun, and it takes 365.25 days to circle around the sun, show that the speed of the Earth’s orbit around the sun is 107515km/h. Give your answer to the nearest... more
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I have the same amount of tens as thirty and the same amount of units as 28

I don’t understand the question 
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1. AB and CD are parallel sides of trapezium ABCD. Diagonals AC and BD intersect at O. prove that ar(ΔAOD) = ar(ΔBOC).
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there are 8 times as many children as adults at the park. There are 5 adults. How many people are there altogether?

asked by my kids homework and the teacher reckons the correct answer is 40 - not sure this is correct
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Zoe scores 3/10 on her test. jordan scores 5/20. who has the better score explain you reason

The explanation must be correct  
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solve the following system by substitution : 2x-3y=-2 and 4x+y=24

I need help with this question. 
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The sum of two numbers is 9. The squares of the two numbers is 41. Find the values of the two numbers.

I need help with the question.
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The sum of the digits of two-digit number is 7. when the digits are subtracted, the number is -5. find the number

I need help with this answer.

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