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Inverse Derivatives Math Calculus


Two Calculus Problems

Question 1. Suppose s(t) = cos(t)+t.  Note (0,1) is a point on the graph of s.  Compute (s^-1)'(1).   Question 2. Suppose f(1)=2, f'(1)=-3, f(2)=7, and f'(2)=4.  Set F(x) = f(f(x)).  What is... more


Derivative of the inverse of f(x) = a polynomial

  Find the derivative of f-1(x) at x=6 if f(x) is defined by f(x) = x3 + x.   I found the formula g'(x) = 1 / f'(g(x)), where g(x) = f-1(x). Please explain in detail, because my teacher for AP... more
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calculus inverse derivatives

find f'(x):  f(x)=tan^-1(x^4)+(tanx^4)^-1+(tan^-1x)^4

inverse derivative: y=sec^-1 1/t

please answer, i dont understand how to go about this problem. 

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