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Given f(x)=2x^2+3x-1 determine the following: f(x+h)-f(x)/h

Given f(x)=-2x2 + 3x-1 determine the following:f(x+h)-f(x) hI am having trouble with this and have many more similar questions so a step by step answer would be very helpful, thank you.
Grade 12 Math Calculus


Derivatives Optimization problem step.

I don't understand a step in a calculus problem I'm working on. It goes something like this...E(t) = 5 + 0.5te-t/20 Then from there that simplifies into...E'(t) = 0 + 0.5e-t/20 + 0.5te-t/20... more


If the numerator of an inverse function is not 1, is it still an inverse function?

For example, would still be treated as an inverse function? I'm trying to find its negative intervals, and if it were a regular inverse function (with a 1 as the numerator), I would just find the... more

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