Arlin M.

asked • 09/27/18

Write an equation ​(a) in​ slope-intercept form and ​(b) in standard form for the line passing through ​(−2,4) and parallel to x+3y=5.

I am stuck on this question on MyMath lab and keep getting it wrong. The last question they had me add 5 to both sides but I am so lost and I got the answer wrong " -x/4 + 17/4" 
Can you PLEASE tell me how you got your answer? I have to write them in both Slope-intercept form and Standard form.

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Carol H. answered • 09/27/18

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Arlin M.

Unfortunately, the answer is wrong for the slope-intercept form. The 3  1/3 was wrong. 


Arlin M.

unfortunately the slope intercept was wrong.


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